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Gloria Rodriguez, Cohasset Parent Center Director
Our School has a Parent Center on campus (room 19) in which several classes are taught ranging from English to child rearing. Other services include baby sitting and assisting the school with its various annual programs. Gloria Rodriguez runs the ship and keeps it in top shape!

She's even received an award to honor her for all her efforts.

Parent Center Mission Statement 
The Los Angeles Unified School District Parent Community Services Branch (PCSB) will promote increased student academic achievement by building the capacities of local schools and communities to train, educate, and support parents as partners in their childrenís education.
Help Lines 
(213) 625-6231 
(213) 625-6232 
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Parent Centers 
(213) 625-6010 
Resource Network (800) 933-8133

Parent Resource Network

The Parent Resource Network (PRN) is a toll free, parent friendly help line for all families whose children attend the Los Angeles Unified School District. Parents are invited to call with questions and/or concerns regarding their childís education, as well as, information about all district programs and policies.The PRN provides information and resources to parents.

It promotes communication between familes and schools so that the parents can assist and support their child's education. It empowers parents by assisting them to become more knowledgeable and to be efficient participants in their child's education.



Award Pix 01.jpegRodriguez Award.jpeg


Award for Gloria Rodriguez
Presented on March 17, 2004