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Standards-Based Promotion 
Grades 2-5 & 8 


   The Los Angeles Unified School District has a standards-based promotion policy in accordance with Education Code Section 48070.5(1)(d). The law requires that all Boards of adopt a policy that establishes criteria regarding promotion and mandatory retention of students at specific grade levels. Students must demonstrate they have achieved their grade level standards before being promoted to the next grade. 

   The Los Angeles Unified School District will implement this standards-based promotion policy for the 2002-2003 school year in grades 2, 3, 4, 5 and 8.

Criteria for Promotion
  • English proficient students will meet minimum grade level standards in reading, oral reading fluency or aPerformance Assignment score of 2.
  • English learners will meet minimum English Language Development (ELD) standards by moving one ELD level per year or one ELD level per semester in grade 8.
  • English learners in a Spanish bilingual program will meet minimum grade level standards in primary language reading or a Spanish Performance Assignment score of 2 and will meet minimum ELD standards by moving one ELD level per year.
  • Students with disabilities will meet the criteria as indicated on the IEP.
  • Students will meet Federal and State law and District requirements.
Intervention to Support Promotion
   At risk students are identified early in the school year and provided interventions for assistance in mastering grade level standards:
  • Classroom instruction with the teacher assisting students in small groups and individually.
  • Extended Learning Programs (ELP) Grades K through 8 may be provided before school, after school, or weekends to give students additional academic support.
  • Summer school/intersession programs.
   Secondary students who meet specific criteria for intervention in grades 6 through 9 will be enrolled in theDeveloping Readers and Writers Course for a double period during the regular school year.

Criteria for Retention

   A student who meets the criteria below shall be retained unless the classroom teacher determines retention is not appropriate. An elementary student in grades 2, 3, 4, 5 identified as:
  • An English proficient student who has a reading achievement score of 1 and an English Language ArtsPerformance Assignment score of 1.
  • An English Learner who has performed at the same ELD level for two or more years and an ELDPerformance Assessment score of 2 or below.
  • An English Learner in a Spanish bilingual program who has a reading achievement score of 1 and a Spanish Language Arts Performance Assignment score of 1 or performed at the same ELD level for two or more years and an ELD performance Assessment score of 2 or below.
A secondary student in Grade 8 identified as:
  • An English proficient student who has a Stanford 9 total reading score at or below the 29th percentile;and reading fluency score below 115; and spelling score below 37.
  • An English learner who receives a final failing mark in two full consecutive semesters of the same ESL course. A student in ESL 1A or ESL 1B must have been enrolled in school for a minimum of two years.
  • An English Learner in a Spanish bilingual program who has failing mark in Spanish Language Arts and on the Spanish Language Arts Performance Assignment a final score of 1 at the end of summer school/intercession.

   During the retention year, students will participate in on-going interventions and attend summer school/intersessions during their off-track time. 

Parent Notification Process
   Parents are notified through teacher conferences, progress reports, and letters when their child is at risk of not meeting grade-level standards for promotion. All written notification must be signed by the parent and returned to the school. 
Parental Appeal Process
   A parent may appeal the decision to retain their child with the school principal during the first month of school. The principal and teacher will meet with the parent to resolve the matter. 
   If the parent does not agree with the principal's decision, then the parent may appeal to the Local District Director of School support Services. 
   A meeting will be held to discuss the appeal and all evidence will be reviewed. The final decision will be mailed to the parent.